Moving to Greener Pastures: WoW to GW2

Hello all,

I have decided to quit World of Warcraft and moved on to Guild Wars 2. I quit WoW because after 4 years, I am getting bored of the same mechanics. ArenaNet has developed mechanics, and philosophies much different from WoW.

(1) Scenery is part of the leveling experience
(2) Less buttons (depends on profession/skill choice)
(3) No add-ons
(4) Weapon / Skill choice matters
(5) No healers (sorta)
(6) No tanks (sorta)
(7) Player has a larger impact on their survival
(8) No quest hubs
(9) Personal nodes

… The list goes on. Anyways. I took down my WoW-related posts, pages, links, and so forth and decided to convert my blog into a GW2-themed blog.

– Sentinel Ark


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