Skill Coefficients for the Engineer

October 4, 2012: Clarified skill coefficient for Elixir Gun 3, Fumigate. Updated introduction, format, and link. Added skill links. Updated GW2 Wiki’s skill coefficients.
September 14, 2013: Clarified skill coefficient for Pistol 4, Blowtorch.
January 21, 2013: Updated Skill coefficient for Grenade Kit.

Hello everyone,

Long ago I’ve decided to work on finding the skill coefficients the Engineer weapons and kits. The motivation came from Casia.4281 who was first to publish her findings on the skill coefficients on the GW2 Engineer forums. I figured I can contribute to the entire GW2 community by finding these skill coefficients not only for Engineers, but for all professions. So, there begins my project.

The method at which I found the skill coefficients were based on the damage formula: D=k*W*P/a where k is the skill coefficient, W is the average weapon damage, P is power, and a is the armor. Tooltips calculate damage assuming the target’s armor is 2600. To avoid confusion with weapon damage (whether or not to use the lower, average, and upper weapon damage are not equal), I used Steady weapons (where lower, average, and upper weapon damage are equal). Though, math shows that tooltips uses the average weapon damage.

With the formula, I can vary how much power I have using amulets (Naked, Rampager, Barbarian, and Berserker), and record the damage on the tool tips. I calculated the k-value for each power-damage relationship for each skill using Excel, averaged them, and used the standard deviation (typically <0.004) to determine accuracy. I, then, chose the final k-value and compared it to the averaged k-value by finding the magnitude of the difference (which typically ends up under 0.0002).


P1 0.350 Explosive Shot
P2 0.400 Poison Dart Volley (per hit, 5 hits)
P3 0.400 Static Shot (per hit, 4 hits)
P4 0.990
Blowtorch (<200)
Blowtorch (<600)
P5 0.000 Glue Shot


R1 0.650 Hip Shot
R2 0.000 Net Shot
R3 1.600
Blunderbuss (<100)
Blunderbuss (<400)
R4 1.000 Overcharged Shot
R5 0.900
Jump Shot (Leap)
Jump Shot (Land)


Sh4 0.000
Magnetic Shield
Magnetic Inversion
Sh5 0.000
Static Shield
Throw Shield

After confirming with Casia.4281 on the average weapon damage of 920 for Engineer kits, and some damage-power value gathering, calculating skill coefficients and cross checking it with his/her’s.

Bomb Kit

BK1 1.250 Bomb
BK2 0.200 Fire Bomb (per hit, 4 hits)
BK3 0.500 Concussion Bomb
BK4 0.000 Smoke Bomb
BK5 0.000 Glue Bomb
BKTB 1.700 Big Ol’ Bomb

Elixir Gun

EG1 0.400 Tranquilizer Dart
EG2 0.750 Elixir F (per hit, 4 hits)
EG3 0.080 Fumigate (per hit, 5 hits)
EG4 0.850 Acid Bomb
EG5 0.000 Super Elixir
EGTB 0.000 Healing Mist


FT1 0.150 Flame Jet (per hit, 10 hits)
FT2 0.750
Flame Blast
Detonate Flame Blast
FT3 0.000 Air Blast
FT4 0.000 Napalm
FT5 0.000 Smoke Vent
FTTB 0.000 Incendiary Ammo

Grenade Kit

GK1 0.330 Grenade (per hit)
GK2 0.550 Shrapnel Grenade (per hit)
GK3 0.100 Flash Grenade (per hit)
GK4 0.500 Freeze Grenade (per hit)
GK5 0.200 Poison Grenade (per hit)
GKTB 0.375 Grenade Barrage (per hit)

Tool Kit

TK1 0.800
TK2 0.000 Box of Nails
TK3 2.000 Pry Bar
TK4 0.000 Gear Shield
TK5 0.000 Magnet
TKTB 0.750 Throw Wrench

Thread: hope this was helpful for everyone!


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