Skill Coefficients for the Necromancer

October 5, 2013: Updated Death Shroud skill coefficients.
October 4, 2013: Updated introduction, format, and link. Added skill links. Updated GW2 Wiki’s skill coefficients.

Hello all,

Below is a list of most the skill coefficients for the Necromancer. I am confident that other people have already found them, but I would like to conduct my own research to verify the values. The methodology is found on my “Skill Coefficients for the Engineer” post.


A1 0.350 Rending Claws (per hit, 2 hits)
A2 0.360 Ghastly Claws (per hit, 8 hits)
A3 0.800 Unholy Feast


F4 0.750 Reaper’s Touch (per hit, 5 hits)
F5 0.500 Spinal Shivers


D1 0.450
Necrotic Slash (per hit, 2 hits)
Necrotic Stab
Necrotic Bite
D2 0.300 Life Siphon (per hit, 8 hits)
D3 0.750 Dark Pact
D4 0.620 Deathly Swarm (per hit, 3 hits)
D5 0.500 Enfeebling Blood


Sc1 0.350
Blood Curse
Rending Curse
Putrid Curse
Sc2 0.700 Grasping Dead
Sc3 1.000 Feast of Corruption


St1 0.666 Necrotic Grasp
St2 0.300 Mark of Blood
St3 0.500 Chilblains
St4 1.200 Putrid Mark
St5 0.250 Reaper’s Mark


WH4 0.000 Wail of Doom
WH5 0.200 Locust Swarm (per hit, 10 hits)

Death Shroud

DS1 1.000
Life Blast (Far)
Life Blast (Close)
DS2 0.250 Dark Path
DS3 0.100 Doom
DS4 0.250 Life Transfer *
DS5 1.000 Tainted Shackles *

*The damage calculation for Life Transfer and Tainted Shackles will use the weapon damage in the off-hand. For example, when using an Axe and Warhorn while in Death Shroud, Life Transfer and Tainted Shackles will do damage based off of the Warhorn’s weapon damage. So, skills like Axe Training (Spite VIII) – which increases axe damage by 10% – will not affect Life Transfer or Tainted Shackles, and the Staff is the best weapon to use for maximizing damage for Life Transfer and Tainted Shackles because it has the highest weapon damage. However, if only concerned with Life Blast damage, Axe with Axe Training works just as well as Staff as their average weapon damage only differs by 0.5. If you would like my methodology and data for this conclusion, feel free to ask.


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